Flying on a Budget: 7 Expert Tips for Saving Money on Low Cost Flights

Flying on a Budget: 7 Expert Tips for Saving Money on Low Cost Flights

Traveling on a low cost airline can be a great way to save money on your next trip, but it's important to be aware of the various additional costs that can add up. From baggage fees to seat assignments and in-flight meals, it can be easy to end up paying more than you expected. In this article, we will provide tips to help you minimize these additional costs and stretch your travel budget further. Whether you are a seasoned budget traveler or new to the world of low cost carriers, these tips will help you get the most out of your next flight.

  1. Pack light: Many low cost carriers charge fees for checked luggage, so try to pack as much as you can in a carry-on bag to avoid these fees. Remember to check the airline's baggage policy before you pack to make sure you are within the weight and size limits for carry-on bags. Using a luggage weight scale can help you accurately measure the weight of your suitcase and ensure that you are not over the limit, avoiding additional fees from the low cost carrier you are flying with. If you are unable to pack light for your low cost flight, consider paying in advance for any additional luggage. Fees for checked luggage can be significantly higher if you pay for them at the airport. To save money on your luggage fees, consider paying for any additional bags in advance when you book your flight. This can often be done online through the airline's website or by contacting their customer service.

  2. Bring your own food: Most low cost carriers do not offer complimentary meals, so bring your own food to save money. Pack non-perishable items like snack bars or trail mix, or bring an empty water bottle to fill up after you pass through security. You can also save money by purchasing food at the airport before your flight, rather than paying the higher prices for food on the plane. Just be sure to leave enough time to buy food before you board.

  3. Bring your own entertainment. Many low cost carriers charge extra for in-flight entertainment, so bringing your own can help you save money. One option is to download movies and TV shows to your mobile device before your flight. This way, you can watch them on the plane without having to pay for the airline's entertainment options. Just be sure to bring your headphones or earbuds to listen to the audio. You can also bring other forms of entertainment, such as books, magazines, or puzzles, to keep yourself occupied during the flight.

  4. Bring your own blanket and inflatable pillow: Blankets and pillows are another way that low cost airlines make money. Many of these carriers charge extra for these items, that are aimed at helping you stay comfortable on a plane which can add up if you are traveling with a group or taking multiple flights. To save money on your low cost flight, consider bringing your own blanket and inflatable pillow. An inflatable pillow takes up minimal space in your carry-on bag, and a small blanket can be easily folded and stored in your luggage. This is a particularly useful tip if you are taking a long flight and want to get some rest during the journey.

  5. Look for sales and discounts: Many low cost carriers offer sales and discounts throughout the year, so keep an eye out for these to save money on your tickets. Signing up for the airline's email list or following them on social media can help you stay informed about promotions.

  6. Book in advance: It is generally better to book in advance for low cost flights, as prices tend to go up as you get closer to the flight. Many low cost carriers use dynamic pricing, which means that prices can vary based on demand and other factors. By booking early, you can often get the best prices and save money on your flight. This is especially true if you are flexible with your travel dates and can book your flight during off-peak times, such as midweek or during the shoulder season

  7. Consider alternative airports: Low cost carriers may offer flights from alternative airports that are farther from your destination, but the lower prices may make the extra travel time worthwhile. Just be sure to factor in the cost of getting to and from the airport when deciding whether the lower price is worth it.

So there you have it – a few simple tips for minimizing costs on your next low cost flight. Whether you are a seasoned budget traveler or new to the world of low cost carriers, these tips can help you save money and have a more enjoyable trip. And who knows, with all the money you save on your flight, you may even be able to splurge on a few extra souvenirs or activities at your destination. Happy travels!

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