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The All In One Pet Water Bottle

The All In One Pet Water Bottle

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Get Your Pet And You The Best Gift EVER

 Did you ever wonderded if you could go on a trip and take water for your dog with you? food with you?

Or did you ever Got tired of picking your dog Poop?

That's Where The Pet Water Bottle Enters

With The The All In One Pet Water Bottle you get all those things with 1 simple portable bottle.

never worry about water, food, trash bags, and picking your dog poop with your hands ever again!

Never worry about picking trash with your hands ever again with the FREE Shovel you get when ordering!

Simply put a trash bag on the shovel, pick up the trash and you are good to go!

When traveling, you never know when you’ll find water for you and your pooch again, so it’s best to be prepared and not taking risks!

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